Importance of a perfect living master for spiritual growth

Importance of perfect living master

Strike a bargain, the merchant is here.
Such a chance will not come again.
Make haste to buy the precious stone,
For the tradesman will soon depart,
Nothing will be possible to do that day,
When the bugle will summon you with the last call.
You are loath to live the life of piety;
How long will you issue imperious commands?
O Bulleh Shah (a Perfect Sufi Mystic), sit at the door of Inayat,
Who has made you wear garments red and green.
Look what tricks he plays with me.
My Master and Lord, Shah Inayat!
Sometimes he comes, and sometimes not.
Thus he enkindles a fire in my heart.
O‟ bring me the message of Nam (Divine Melody) from God;
And deprive me not of a glimpse from you.